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Kastowa Gallery

This gallery shows a variety of kastowa's crafted by Two House Design-Crafters with descriptions to help navigate the different components. 

Kastowa Natural.JPG


Base Kastowa - Natural

This is a 'natural' kastowa and shows the base design for all sizes of kastowa. This includes a plain leather base, white turkey feathers on the base, and goose top feathers. The kastowa pictured here is sized for a baby and can be adjusted as the child grows. 


Upgraded Top Feathers

This kastowa features the base 'natural' kastowa with upgraded top feathers. Top feathers can be upgraded to colored feathers as pictured, or could also be imitation eagle feathers.



Mixed Base Feathers

This kastowa was made with a mix of white turkey and barred turkey feathers on the base, with imitation eagle feathers for the top feathers. 


Leather Tooling

This kastowa shows leather tooling that is incorporated into the base of the kastowa. The base feathers on this kastowa were upgraded to barred turkey feathers. 

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