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Commissioned Work by Tehanonhshake

Tehanonhshake is an established artist and owner of Two House Design-Crafters. This page shows the range of his work, and he is willing to take on any project. Tehanonhshake frequently incorporates wood working, beadwork, feather work, and leather tooling into his work.


Leather Tooling

Tehanonhshake can create custom leather pieces to add to apparel or everyday items. Pictured is a hat with a leather tooled piece sewn into the rim. 



Tehanonhshake specializes in woodworking to create both cultural and contemporary items. Pictured is a water drum with drum stick.



Tehanonhshake creates breathtaking kastowas in a variety of styles and price points. Pictured is a kastowa made with a mixture of bald eagle feathers and golden eagle feathers, with a leather tooled frame. 



Tehanonhshake adds custom beadwork to single feathers and fan handles. Pictured is the beaded stem of an eagle feather. 

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